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Meet our Founder

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Caroline is in 12th grade and lives in Singapore. Caroline has always been active, at one point serving on her school swim team, her school gymnastics team and both school and club soccer teams. Caroline currently plays for the UWCSEA Dover Girls Under 19 team and for the JSSL Girls Under 17 Team. She has travelled to play overseas tournaments including the 2022 British International School, Phuket tournament as well as competing in tournaments at homes such as the 2022 SEASAC tournament. One of Caroline’s major areas of interest is the positive impact of sports on girls in terms of self-confidence, motivation, health and psychological well-being.  

In addition to sports, Caroline is actively involved in changing lives for the better, with a specific focus on kids. Some organizations that Caroline currently spends time supporting include Light for Sri Lanka which supports the work of CandleAid (About CandleAid) which seeks to improve the quality of life of the poor and less fortunate in Sri Lanka in all aspects of basic human needs including but not limited to education, health, food, and community development, Empowering Children of Vietnam which supports Vietnamese children in two ways: 1) The Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation (About Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation) in Hanoi is an organisation which focuses on providing street children with education, shelter and safety. This is achieved through offering a place for children to rehabilitate from the life on the streets and providing services for these children ranging from counselling services to legal advocacy. Increasingly, Blue Dragon has been focusing on identifying, finding and rescuing victims of human trafficking; 2) Friends of the Underprivileged’s (About Friends of the Underprivileged) education scholarship programme funding education for children living in the Di Linh leprosy community.


If you are interested to donate your time or money to any of these worthy organizations, please contact us at or reach out directly to the organizations themselves.

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